Technical Notes
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Apex-EDI Sign Up Internet Update Instructions
Apex-EDI InstallationNetworking/New Computers
Apex-EDI Patient Statements New Work Station
Apex-EDI Secondary ClaimsOnline Internet Backups
Apex-EDI NDC Codes Online Training Options
Appt Text/Voice Reminders Patient Can't Sign In To Portal
Back Up Strategies Performance Considerations
eScripts FAQ Remittance Training
eScripts-Can't Find Med Remote Access
eScripts-Can't Find Pharmacy Reset Posting Date
Expanding Ledger Data Base Set Up Brand New Schedule
Hardware Recommendations Set Up MU Stage 2
Home Computer Setup Windows 10 Networking
ICD-10 Coding Work Station Not Connecting
iPad Support
1A New Work Station 60 Lab Interface Steps
1B Networking/New Computers 61 Lab Interface Info Sheet
2 PowerSoftMD Users Guide 62 PowerSoftMD HL7 Lab Specs
3 EMR Users Guide 63 Change Document Tabs
4 Online Training Options 64 CPOE Electronic Lab Requests
5 PowerSoftMD Start Up Steps 65Klara Schedule Export
6 Back Up Strategies 66 Reset Posting Date
7 Remote Access - GoToMyPc 67 LabCorp Processing
8 Remote Access - Logmein 68 Missouri Immunization Registry
9 Work Station Not Connecting 69 eMail Blaster Instructions
10 Home Computer Setup 70 Charge Card Payment Form
11 Set Up Brand New Schedule 71 HIPAA Agreement
12 Sample Reports 72 General Screen Status Code Field
13 iPad Support 73 ICD-10 Coding
14 Windows 10 Networking 74 eScripts-Can't Find Med
15 Update CD Instructions 75 eScripts-Can't Find Pharmacy
16 Hardware Recommendations 76 Critical Recall Flag
17 USB Drive Letter Changes 77 HL7 PowerSoftMD to EMR Demographic & Scheduling Export Specs
18 Secondary Electronic Claims 78 HL7 EMR to PowerSoftMD  Visit Import Specs
19 Master Index Recovery 79 Dymo Type Label Printers
20 ID Card Scanner Settings 80Cloud Printing TSPrint
21 Internet Update Instructions 81 Expanding Ledger Data Base
22 Online Internet Backup 82 Remittance Training
23 Error Message 2013-0001 83 HIPAA Regulation Text
24 Account Receivables 84 Windows 8 Startup
25 SOAP Note Abbreviations 85 Windows 8 Shortcut Keys
26 Data Conversions 86 Windows 8 Defender
27 X-Charge Charge Card Processing 87 Kaspersky Exclusion Rules
28 In Office Training Topics 88 Surface Pro Display Settings
29 Why Maintenance 89 Windows XP Upgrades
30 eScript Sign Up 90 WebRoot Anti-Virus
31 eScript License Extension 91 HCFA 2012 Sample View
32 eScript DEA Sched Drugs 92Scanners
33 eScripts Payment Form 93CLIA Numbers
34 eScripts FAQ 94Set Up MU Stage 2
35 Back Up Considerations  95 ICD10 Coding
36 User Survey  96 New Time Clock 2015
37 Browse Mode - Scheduling 97 eScripts Importing Meds RxHub
38 Security Features 98 Tri-Fold Quick Notes
39 Email Request Form 99 NetCom Install
40 BizCard Removal - Un-Install 100Can't Find eScript Health Plan
41 Performance Considerations 101Split Excel Worksheet Tabs
42 HCFA 1500 Field 19 102NewCrop Patient Portal
43 Schedule Recovery 103Controlled Substances
44 Meaningful Use 104Exporting Data
45 Meaningful Use Additional Demographics 105Sending 12 Diagnosis on Electronic claims
46 5010 & ICD10 Standards 106 Structured Lab Results
47 Norton 360 107 Lab Results Interface Info Sheet
48 Low on Disk Space Message 108 Lab Results Interface Steps
49 LabCorp Instructions 109 NewCrop Immunizations
50 LabCorp Re-Starting HyperSend 110 HL7 PMS to PowerSoftMD EMR Import Specs
51 Webinar Connection Instructions 111 Windows 10
52 Non-Browse Schedule Setup 112 MIPS/PQRS Info
53 SOAP Note Review Procedures113 Importing Patient Demographics CSV file
54 Immediate Notes114 Apex-EDI NDC Codes
55 5010 NDC Codes 115 Cannot Open Data Bases (WebRoot, etc.)
56 Portal Setup for Hardware Techs116 170.315(g)(7) Application Access API
57 Portal Info for Office Staff117 170.315(g)(8) Application Access Data Category Request API
58 Appointment Voice/Email/Text Reminders118170.315(g)(9) Application access ľall data request API
59 Collections Reporting119170.315(B)(6) Batch Data Export
59bEmployee Clock Navy Log120 Global Period CPT Codes
59cVB6 Error Codes121 EMR Export
59dCorrect Difficult Ledger Errors Codes122 Automatic Logout/Lock Screens
59eElectronic Messaging123 MIPS & PowerSoftMD
59fRoboCopy Options124 Auto Store Message Notes older than 6 Months
59gEmployee View Time Report125 Direct Texting Setup
59hSample Quick Forms126 Direct Texting
59i Windows Server Auto Logoff127 Windows 7 End of Service
59j eScripts Height & Weight128 HL7 Export ADT Billing Msgs
59k Diagnosis Recall Table129 Payment Posting Copay Comments
59lRemote Access130 Sales Tax
59mBlocking Communications
59nUnInstall McAfee
199Exporting Patient Info
200 Expired License